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About Bootstrap Form Helpers

Bootstrap Form Helpers is a collection of jQuery plugins to help you build better forms. The plugins can be used individually but some of them work together like Countries and States.

The collection includes:

Russian Country list added

These jQuery plugins are based on Bootstrap & are distributed for free. Commercial license is available for commercial purposes...


Getting Started

Check out our Getting Started guide for all the information on getting setup with Bootstrap Form Helpers.
Be sure to checkout the Browser Support and Requirements below.

Browser Support

Bootstrap Form Helpers is built to work best in the latest desktop and mobile browsers.

Specifically, we support the latest versions of the following:

  • Chrome (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android)
  • Safari (Mac and iOS only)
  • Firefox (Mac, Windows)
  • Opera (Mac, Windows)
  • Internet Explorer
Unofficially, Bootstrap Form Helpers should look and behave well enough in Chromium for Linux and Internet Explorer 7, though they are not officially supported.


The following libraries are required for these plugins to work:

You can also get CDN Version of these libraries here

Bugs and Feature Request

Have a bug or a feature request? Please open a new issue.

Before opening any issue, please search for existing issues and read the Issue Guidelines, written by Nicolas Gallagher.

Need Support?

Premium support is available for people having a commercial license of the library. To request support visit our support page.

If you don't have a commercial license,

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Bootstrap Form Helpers is released under the Apache 2 license and is copyright 2013 Bootstrap Form Helpers.

Bootstrap Form Helpers is available for free for personal or company internal use. A commercial license is available for people who wants to use it for commercial purposes. The commercial license comes with premium support.