About slider

This jQuery plugin allows you to add a slider to your Bootstrap form. This slider can be fully customized to match the look and feel you want using HTML and CSS.


Simple example for adding a slider.

<div class="bfh-slider" data-name="slider1">

Simple example for adding a slider and selecting a default value.

<div class="bfh-slider" data-name="slider2" data-value="12">

Simple example for adding a slider with different min and max values.

<div class="bfh-slider" data-name="slider3" data-min="5" data-max="25">

Available languages

Not applicable.


Option Description
name String. Name of the input. Default: ''
value String. Initial value to select. Default: min
min String. To restrict the minimum selectable value. Default: 0
max String. To restrict the maximum selectable value. Default: 100




Event Description
change.bfhslider This event fires immediately when a value is selected.